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TWIDALE has become the word whispered from bride to bride, as they recommend the team guaranteed to create the most beautiful wedding hair and makeup. Using the latest trends and techniques, and offering a full mobile service, TWIDALE brides and wedding parties emerge ready for the day with magazine-perfect looks created by passionate, creative artists to create the ultimate look. Around Australia, photographers, bridal designers and wedding stylists recommend TWIDALE to their customers, knowing that their hair and makeup will exceed their dreams at the hands of the TWIDALE team.

Over the past decade, TWIDALE has emerged as one of Australia’s preferred professional hair and makeup artist teams. Their personal and professional passion for beauty and creativity has seen magazine editors and fashion designers put their visions in the hands of the TWIDALE team to bring these to reality, on magazine covers, in editorial photo shoots, and through advertising campaigns which inspire brides around the world. Beneath the surface of perfectly applied make up and incredible hair, the TWIDALE team bring a thorough appreciation and understanding of facial aesthetics and a familiarity with the brands and magazines they work with, enabling them to push the boundaries but maintain the signature TWIDALE beauty on every face.

Queensland’s elite venues and industry professionals call upon TWIDALE for any event that requires their signature touch. The TWIDALE team is consistently the preferred hair and makeup artists for exclusive wedding events; fashion shows, advertising campaigns, celebrity weddings and intimate up-market soirees. Brides can now enjoy the benefits of having the makeup artist to the stars for their most important day.